The Other Side of the Hero plunges us into the world of the first responder. We’ll witness the excitement and bravado as these real life action heroes head out on a call. We’ll see the camaraderie and dark humour back at the station, as we get to know first responders as people rather than just the uniform that they wear.
And we’ll discover the flip-side of what can happen when a hero discovers that they are not emotionally immune to all that happens in the course of a shift.


For five years, actor Enrico Colantoni played a police officer on the mega-popular tv show, Flashpoint.

Some 20 years ago, Vince Savoia, a former paramedic, had to quit his job after a traumatic call that changed his life. He now runs the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, an organization dedicated to working with first responders suffering a little known side effect of their job: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In The Other Side of the Hero, these two men will meet several real life heroes across Canada. They’ll talk to their families, see daily life, laugh, and unwind with them. They’ll also be there to offer support, put a hand on a trembling shoulder, cry along with a firefighter who has discovered that the job isn’t all they’d expected.

The cop who can’t hold it together back at the station or the paramedic who needs to take some time off after a particularly difficult call is often told to “suck it up.” What is the tragic result of not being given a chance to heal mentally? Depression, darkness, solitude, and at its worst — suicide.

Every first responder has a story. Are we listening? When we don’t listen, we witness stress, crisis, and suicide. We are making this documentary so that first responders can be seen, heard and understood.

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